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One of the hardest things about relocating can be making new friends, and finding like-minded people to spend free time with. Hoboken, while very much a neighborhood, is also a commuter town. Many residents use Hoboken as a place to rest their heads; their work lives and social lives are in Manhattan. How can someone new to the area meet their fellow Hoboken neighbors and enjoy what Hoboken has to offer locally? has all kinds of fun groups that meet in Hoboken, and anyone new to the area can certainly find a meet up happening to appeal to them. Meet ups are a great way to feel a sense of community in a new area.

Here area just a few of the fun listings I found for Hoboken on’s website:

The Hoboken Social Sandbox is a meet up group for people new to the area or just looking to make new friends, and it has over 1,000 members in Hoboken, so come one come all. If you’re someone who loves hiking, camping and rafting but feel limited by the city environment, check out the Hoboken Outdoors Club. Join them April 2nd for a Ramapo Reservation Hike. The great outdoors isn’t for everyone, that’s why there are Meetups like the Italian Language Group where members drink red wine and chat, or if you’re artistic, check out the Hoboken Mixed Media Art, Collage and Painting Group. Hoboken is a great town with active residents, and there’s no reason not to enjoy the company of neighbors.

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