Hoboken- UFO hotspot?

Let me just say upfront, I just couldn’t resist writing this.

Maybe it’s the proximity to a diversified place like New York. Diversified denotes lots of

Headed to Hoboken?

different entities meaning the good the bad and the weird. Maybe there’s something about New Jersey. Maybe there’s something in the Hudson river. Maybe a certain type of human is drawn to Hoboken. Whatever the reason, Hoboken seems to be a hotspot for UFO activity.

We’ve all heard about Roswell, Area 51 and have seen some X-files episodes. But Hoboken? The quiet, cafe-ladden bedroom community next to Manhattan? Over run by extra-terrestrials and flying saucers? They are some who are trying to present quite a bit of evidence to just that point.

To wit, the evidence.

A Hoboken based fine artist spotted and photographed a white and silver object that was morphing in the sky to take on different shapes. According to MUFON (Mutual Unidentified Flying Objects Network) of New Jersey, Hoboken “has been a hotspot for years.” Last year a person walking their dog reported to balls of light moving from Manhattan to above Hoboken. In August of 2008 a small group observed what appeared to be a spinning gray or metallic disc shaped object over Hoboken.

This is just a sampling of the UFO reports that originate in the Hoboken area. Which brings us to the question: what is it that is causing so much extra terrestrial activity on this side of the Hudson river?

A few theories: Aliens want to go to the Knicks games but don’t want to pay for parking in Manhattan. E.T.s are tired of getting shot at near Tennessee so now they are visiting the Tennessee of New Jersey. Aliens want to visit Frank Sinatra’s birthplace since he was one of them. They’re trying to find a rumored original copy of the Kinsey report to better understand us. Hoboken is the birthplace of the zipper, perhaps this means something to them. They want to be photographed at the site of the first Blimpie sandwich as they are confused as to the meaning of ‘Blimpie’. Looking to save money on cab fare. They still think it’s a playground for New York’s wealthiest residents. They’re looking for purgatory, not New York, not New Jersey, just Hoboken.

Follow these links to further explore the Hoboken UFO phenomenon:


We may never know the mystical hold Hoboken has over visitors from other worlds, But perhaps someday we’ll understand what makes humans go there.


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