Green Living in Hoboken

Admittedly Hoboken isn’t one of the first places to pop into your head when someone

Green Living in Hoboken at MetroStop

mentions green living. But green living isn’t just for progressives, west coasters or any particular social group. Green living is a way for any and all humans to show an appreciation of their world by helping to protect it and conserve valuable resources. We consume and use everywhere so it makes sense to go green everywhere. And that includes Hoboken.

The green lifestyle has been mostly individual homes until very recently. But now developers, construction companies and property management types are starting to understand that there is a need and a market for large multi-unit properties that are built or adapted to green construction.

Not only does it help the planet, but green approved dwellings are less expensive to operate and live in. Reduced bills are the side of green living that more people need to be aware of when deciding on a place to live. You can help the world, future generations and save money.

MetroStop in Hoboken is constructed of eco-friendly and sustainable materials. There’s even grass on the roof to lower costs by insulating the building. Resource saving appliances, a gym with LCDs on the ardio equipment and a green market on the ground floor seperate this complex from the rest of the pack. There’s even a view of the Manhattan skyline.

Follow this link to get more details: METROSTOP including pricing and a look at the units.

It isn’t that often that you get the chance to have a relaxed chore free condo lifestyle and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re doing your part to help out the planet and future generations. At Metrostop in Hoboken residents get the rare pleasure of having both feelings.

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