Goings on in Hoboken

Maybe it’s the name. Say it a few times. It rhymes with ‘broken’ and it sounds… peculiar.

Hoboken's picturesque city hall sums up the town feel

Definitely not a power name or awe inspiring word. It doesn’t roll off the tongue and one is almost inclined to feel odd saying it. It includes the word ‘hobo’. But when it comes to Hoboken, too many people have no idea what they are missing. It’s right next to Manhattan, one of the world’s great cultural centers. If location is of primary importance than we can forgive Hoboken its name. What is a shame is how many people could not even tell you where it is located. It can’t be a silly place so well located.

Before taking a look at what this Manhattan suburb has to offer, bear in mind that it has to offer everything that Manhattan and greater New York has to offer. The case for living here is a very simple argument of being in a great spot at less cost and still being able to enjoy everything.

Besides its neighbors appeal, this well placed little spot offers a farmers market, art and music fair, harvest festival and artist studio tours. Such events have the feel of a medium sized college town that routinely ranks well on best places to live guides. The small town fun and flavor right across the river from the big city.

Movies under the stars, block parties, parades, film festivals and culture festivals all add to the possibilities for non-stop entertainment and learning. This is a town that is an unusually well kept secret with it’s small town flavor and happenings and its big city placement.

If you have an interest in the Hoboken “best of both worlds” lifestyle, then check out this eco-friendly, green living condo complex to get an idea of the cost and amenities available in this New York neighbor: Metrostop.. The next time someone thinks that Hoboken is an odd spot, you can do them a favor and let them know what they are missing out on.

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