Goin’ Green in Hoboken

If it’s on trend to live an eco-conscious lifestyle, and if it’s on trend to live in a loft building, what could possibly be hotter then living in LEED certified green loft building? I have no idea.

Welcome to Garden Street Lofts, Hoboken’s first and only completely gold rated LEED certified building. What does LEED certified even mean? LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This type of certification recognizes 5 key areas of environmental health:

1. Sustainable Sites

2. Water Efficiency

3. Energy and Atmosphere

4. Materials and Resources

5. Indoor Environmental Quality

The Garden Street Lofts are so green that they received the Beyond Green award in 2008. Here’s a handful of things that make them better than the rest:

The exterior of the building is made of zinc, a durable metal which requires no painting or overcoats. Zinc has the ability to absorb and reflect light – its the use of this metal that gives the building its look of fluidity.

Garden Street Lofts is made of other buildings. To reduce landfill usage from the solid waste that piles up from deconstructed building, GSL re-purposed existing material from former buildings. Doing this also cuts down on the carbon footprint that would result from transporting new materials to the building site.

Even the roof is green! The roof Garden Street Lofts has a garden area that can absorb water and reduce run off. More than that, the green roof acts as insulation keeping the building warm during the notoriously cold winter.

To read the full list of Garden Street Lofts sustainable characteristics, check out the list on their website.

Luxury living is of course included with these one of a kind lofts. The floors are finished in sustainable bamboo, there are Bosch washer dryers, private terraces, gas fireplaces, and bike storage. Gourmet kitchens include Viking 6 burner ranges, subzero refrigerators, matte ebony recycled glass countertops, and LED undercabinet lighting.

CondoDomain has all the info you need on Garden Street Lofts and other green living buildings in New Jersey’s Gold Coast.

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