Why Buy A Hoboken Condo?

Although Manhattan is unquestionably a spectacular city, finding an affordable apartment in New York City can often be near impossible.
Buying a Hoboken condo from CondoDomain does not only afford you the opportunity to purchase a home from one of the best names in real estate brokerage; nothing compares with the convenience of a twenty minute drive into Manhattan!
Aside from the short commute,  the condo’s of Hoboken are surrounded by quite a variety of exciting activities from fun bars, museums, and restaurants you can only find in New Jersey. The Hoboken Historical Museum, …

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Luxury In Jersey City!

With the look and feel of a luxurious Waterfront loft or the relaxed neighborhood feel of a Hamilton Park condo, Jersey City is quickly getting top billing as one of the best cities to own a condo in.
And not unlike Hoboken the convenient, accessible, and efficient public transportation is possibly the greatest advantage of living in Jersey City condos. Whether it’s the New Jersey Transit, PATH, the Liberty State Water Taxi, or the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, commuting to and from Jersey City condos can be a totally hassle-free experience.
Contact us …

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Buying A Condo In Hoboken NJ?

Finding condos can be a rather overwhelming experience and can turn into quite a hassle without the help of the right Hoboken condo professionals.
At CondoDomain we have a wealth of knowledge about the Hoboken condos you’re looking for and a skilled team of experts whose first priority is always the customer. Let us help you search and find Hoboken condos that best suit your needs.
Contact us today and talk to an experienced condo team member about our expansive listings of Hoboken Condos, new condo developments and open house viewings. …

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Goings on in Hoboken

Maybe it’s the name. Say it a few times. It rhymes with ‘broken’ and it sounds… peculiar.
Definitely not a power name or awe inspiring word. It doesn’t roll off the tongue and one is almost inclined to feel odd saying it. It includes the word ‘hobo’. But when it comes to Hoboken, too many people have no idea what they are missing. It’s right next to Manhattan, one of the world’s great cultural centers. If location is of primary importance than we can forgive Hoboken its name. What is a …

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Hoboken- UFO hotspot?

Let me just say upfront, I just couldn’t resist writing this.
Maybe it’s the proximity to a diversified place like New York. Diversified denotes lots of
different entities meaning the good the bad and the weird. Maybe there’s something about New Jersey. Maybe there’s something in the Hudson river. Maybe a certain type of human is drawn to Hoboken. Whatever the reason, Hoboken seems to be a hotspot for UFO activity.
We’ve all heard about Roswell, Area 51 and have seen some X-files episodes. But Hoboken? The quiet, cafe-ladden bedroom community next to …

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Green Living in Hoboken

Admittedly Hoboken isn’t one of the first places to pop into your head when someone
mentions green living. But green living isn’t just for progressives, west coasters or any particular social group. Green living is a way for any and all humans to show an appreciation of their world by helping to protect it and conserve valuable resources. We consume and use everywhere so it makes sense to go green everywhere. And that includes Hoboken.
The green lifestyle has been mostly individual homes until very recently. But now developers, construction companies and …

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